International Solvay Institutes

The Director of the Institutes is responsible for the daily management of the Institutes and the organization of the scientific activities, including defining their scientific directions. He reports regularly to the Board of Directors who must make sure that the running of the Institutes is done according to its missions and with reasonable and due care. The Director mandate lasts 6 years and is renewable.

The Director is assisted in his scientific tasks by:

  • The International Scientific Committees for Physics and Chemistry, who are fully responsible for the scientific organization of the "Conseils Solvay".
  • The Scientific Assistants to the Director and the local Scientific Committees, who help him for the organization of all the other activities (workshops, colloquia, chairs). He is assisted in his management tasks by the administrative staff.



Prof. Marc Henneaux (ULB)

Personal page

Deputy Director for Physics

Prof. Alexandre Sevrin (VUB)

Deputy Director for Chemistry

Prof. Lode Wyns (VUB)

Assistants to the Director

Prof. Glenn Barnich (ULB)

Prof. Ben Craps (VUB)

Prof. Anne De Wit (ULB)

Prof. Yves Geerts (ULB)


Office Manager

Ms Dominique Bogaerts

Project Coordinator

Ms Isabelle Van Geet

Accounting Officer

Ms Chantal Verrier