International Solvay Institutes


New Horizons Solvay Lectures

This is a new program that will be inaugurated in 2018.


The "New Horizons Solvay Lectures" are given by brilliant young scientists with already high visibility and well established stature. They deliver one broad lecture at the Solvay Institutes on their current research and the challenges they see for their discipline. A second, complementary lecture is given in another Belgian university. More lectures are encouraged whenever possible.


There are each year "New Horizons Solvay Lectures in Chemistry" and

"New Horizons Solvay Lectures in Physics".



New Horizons Lectures in Chemistry

2018 Lecturer: Alexandre Tkatchenko from University of Luxemburg

30 May - 1 June 2018


2019 Lecturer: Rafal Klajn from
Weizmann Institute, Israel




New Horizons Lectures in Physics

2018 Lecturer: Zohar Komargodski from Weizmann Institute, Israel & Simons
Center U. of New York at Stony Brook


2019 Lecturer: Aleksandra Walczak from LPT ENS, Paris, France