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Solvay Workshop on
"Atomic and molecular collision mechanisms - ACME"

Brussels, 30 March - 2 April 2015

ULB - Campus Plaine - Solvay Room

The temperature at the Earth surface is about 300 K, then evolves down to some 150 K at the upper limit of the atmosphere. Even colder, extraterrestrial environments are well identified in the Solar system, down to 50 K e.g. in the atmosphere of Neptune. Temperature further drops between 10 and 20 K in the coma of comets and may even get lower in the interstellar medium. Molecules are present in all of these media, supporting chemistry, and the origin of life. Today, dedicated, sophisticated instrumental means allow the most extreme of these conditions to be matched and even exceeded in the laboratory. Collision mechanisms and their evolution with decreasing temperature are of primary relevance in the related reactive processes. For the lowest temperatures these mechanisms still remain to be fully unravelled and there is a need for continued progress in measurement and modelling. Chemistry at ultralow temperatures, the formation of dimers and larger aggregates, the understanding and active control of collision processes at the molecular level, and their atmospheric and astrophysical applications define a very active, challenging and multidisciplinary research field that lies at the heart of the ACME workshop.

Organizing Committee

J. De Keyser (IASB-BIRA)

T. Földes (ULB)

P. Geerlings (VUB)

D. Golebiowski (ULB)

M. Herman (ULB)

M. Lepère (FUNDP)

J. Loreau (ULB)

P. Quinet (UMons)

X. Urbain (UCL)

N. Vaeck (ULB)

J. Vander Auwera (ULB)

T. Vanfleteren (ULB)

I. Van Geet (Instituts Solvay)

Scientific Committee

P. De Natale (Firenze, Italy)

J.-M. Hartmann (Paris-Est, France)

E. Herbst (Virginia, USA)

M. Herman (Bruxelles, Belgium)

M. Lepère (Namur, Belgium)

F. Merkt (Zürich, Switzerland)

D.S. Perry (Akron, USA)

R.-J. Saykally (Berkeley, USA)

T. Softley (Oxford, England)

N. Vaeck (Bruxelles, Belgium)

J. Vander Auwera (Bruxelles, Belgium)

Speakers (Abstracts)

S. Boyé-Péronne (Paris-Sud, France)

J. Bowman (Emory, USA)

D. Cappelletti (Perugia, Italy)

P. Cassam-Chenaï (Nice, France)

R. Ciurylo (Toruń, Poland)

P. De Natale (Firenze, Italy)

J.-M. Hartmann (Paris-Est, France)

E. Herbst (Virginia, USA)

M. Herman (Bruxelles, Belgium)

C. Koch (Kassel, Germany)

C. Lauzin (Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium)

J. Loreau (Bruxelles, Belgium)

F. Merkt (Zürich, Switzerland)

T. Momose (Vancouver, Canada)

E. Narevicius (Rehovot, Israel)

D. Nesbitt (Boulder, USA)

T. Oka (Chicago, USA)

A. Ross (Lyon, France)

S. Schlemmer (Köln, Germany)

R. Signorell (Zürich, Switzerland)

T. Softley (Oxford, England)

A. van der Avoird (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

H.-J. Werner (Stuttgart, Germany)

J. Ye (Boulder, USA)

Poster session (Abstracts)

M. Antinolo et al (Ciudad Real, Spain)

I. Bouhali (Tunis, Tunisia)

E. Carrascosa et al (Innsbruck, Austria)

J. De Keyser et al (Bruxelles, Belgium)

N. de Ruette et al (Stockholm, Sweden)

P. Dupré (Dunkerque, France)

D. Golebiowski et al (Bruxelles, Belgium)

J. Harvey et al (KULeuven, Belgium)

S. Hogan et al (London, UK)

J. Jankunas et al (Lausanne, Switzerland)


T. Karman et al (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

P. Palmeri et al (Mons, Belgium)

C. Rennick et al (Oxford, UK)

A. Ross et al (Lyon, France)

R. Spezia et al (Granada, Spain)

E. Steer et al (Oxford, UK)

J. Toscano et al (Oxford, UK)

A. van der Poel et al (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

T. Vanfleteren et al (Bruxelles, Belgium)


Contributed Talks (Abstracts)

A. Bergeat et al (Bordeaux, France)

A. Canosa et al (Rennes, France)

S. Hoekstra et al (Groningen, The Netherlands)

Y. Scribano et al (Montpellier, France)

D. Savin et al (New York, USA)

Practical Information for participants

Registration fee

The registration fee for regular participants is 250 €, including lunches, banquet and the buffet at the poster session.

This fee does not include accommodation costs (see below). Information on payment will be communicated to all attendants

after their participation has been confirmed.

Poster session

We will consider applications for poster presentations.

Please note that for practical reasons only a limited number of participants can be accommodated.

Size of poster board: 114cm x114cm (suitable for A0 and A1 portrait poster)


The workshop will be held at ULB - Campus Plaine - Solvay Room Campus Plaine, Building N.O. (5th Floor).

Click HERE for the map of the Campus.

Metro line 5 (direction "Hermann Debroux") - Station "Delta".

Click HERE for the map of the metro.


Regular participants should take care of their hotel reservation.

Hotels that we often use for our visitors are Hôtel Astrid, Hôtel Atlas and Hôtel Opéra

Special issue in Molecular Physics

A special issue in Molecular Physics will be devoted to the workshop.

Participants and non participants to the workshop are welcome to submit a regular research paper.

The deadline for submission will be around May, 2015.


*The Special Issue in Molecular Physics is now available in ScholarOne. When submitting
the authors may select ‘Atomic and Molecular Collision Mechanisms’
on the list of Special Issues and Prof. T. Softley as Editor.

For any problem, please contact Isabelle Van Geet (